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Fashion SMEs: Apply for the Small But Perfectly Formed business accelerator


Open call for fashion SMEs to pioneer new circular and sustainable business models

Are you a SME focused on circular and sustainable fashion? You could partner with another company in this space to access a grant of €10,000, along with other support via the cross Europe collaborative project Small But Perfectly Formed (SBPF).

SBPF is a 30 month (January 2021 – July 2023) collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission’s COSME programme.

The project is looking for 28 SME led transnational projects in circular and sustainable fashion to support with an 18-month comprehensive business development programme comprising of an 8-month business accelerator, business mentoring, a 5-month R&D phase, culminating in a showcasing phase that will take place between July 2022 – April 2023.

To apply, your business must have 250 employees or less and be from EU member states plus Armenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, UK.

Applications should be from projects seeking to move beyond the concept or creative stage, that are ready to build towards a solution-based business. SBPF said it anticipates projects coming from five broad groups:

  • Sustainable and circular fashion start-ups wishing to scale-up and/or replicate
  • Established sustainable and circular SMEs who wish to develop their businesses and work
  • Established fashion SMEs who wish to transition to a circular and sustainable model
  • SMEs and initiatives who provide circular and sustainable solutions to the fashion sector e.g. recycling, circular systems design
  • Collaborations between fashion sector and non-fashion sector SMEs, businesses and initiatives to generate and test new collaboration models

Companies interested can attend a business matchmaking event on 2nd July and 5th July
(click to sign up). Proposals must be submitted by at least two partners, coming from at least two different eligible countries.

The deadline for proposal submissions is 3rd October and successful applicants will be invited to join the programme at the end of October.

For full details on the support, eligibility, selection criteria and how to apply visit https://www.small-but-perfect.com/open-call-full