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Member Spotlight: AForce London leather goods designer space


UKFT member AForce London is launching a new service to support the next generation of luxury leather goods makers with AForce London Designer Space and University Packages.


The company said its main goal is to support UK manufacturing and the deeply rooted heritage of luxury leather goods by enhancing the abilities of the young generation of makers. Currently there is a lack of practical training for students, which makes it hard for them to enter professional careers efficiently.

AForce Designer Space is a unique and unprecedented maker space for leather craft. The company has created a space in which clients with any level of skill are able and encouraged to book the space to start or further grow their careers in designing and making leather goods. Fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and hand tools for running professional leather craft projects, this space allows people to bring designs to life. Beyond the standard design space equipment, designers have access to a large portfolio of machinery, some of which is the only available in the UK. Customers can select the machines they require at the checkout, in a smooth and easy transaction.


The space is enclosed and private to allow complete focus as well as enable client confidentiality. AForce believes this service is a gamechanger, allowing aspiring and well-established designers the ultimate control over their project and access to a comprehensive range of equipment at an affordable rate.

There are currently three areas available that can accommodate between 1-8 individuals, to create from one piece to a mini production run. The space offers the following:

  • Access 7 days per week between 8 am – 8 pm
  • Access to over 100 free hand tools and materials
  • Accessibility to over 120 machines specialised in the production of luxury leather goods
  • Advice and training from experts on hand

Additionally, AForce is currently working on implementing packages for universities offering fashion and accessories design courses. The idea is to rent the machinery and tools, supply the leather and fabric as well as share the expertise of the company’s personnel with universities. This will allow AForce to set up practical classes on campus where the students can be taught the making process from the manufacturer’s perspective. This will not only allow them to learn the operation of the machinery, but also the understanding of utilising various types of material and sourcing the leather and components. After long consultations with university lecturers, AForce believes that this initiative will significantly help the students with their curriculum.

Contact info@aforce.co.uk for details.


AForce London is a UKFT member. Interested in UKFT membership? Find out more here.