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Member Spotlight: Arkdefo Futures supplying affordable, quality deadstock fabrics


UKFT member Arkdefo Futures is a social enterprise, established by co-founders Andrew and Elizaveta Bennett to find positive solutions to textile waste, supplying affordable high-quality deadstock fabrics that enable small businesses to grow. By collecting from UK-based textile suppliers and offering this fabric to brands who are looking to establish themselves in the market, the company will partner with you to help grow your business.

Arkdefo Futures

The firm offers brands high-quality fabric, at affordable prices, but in manageable amounts. Textile suppliers cannot always accommodate smaller brands, as set up costs can be prohibitive. What if you could get access to smaller batches of the same fabric, at a reduced price?


Arkdefo Futures co-founders Andrew and Elizaveta Bennett


Storage can be an issue when you start-up, as can large order outlays. What Arkdefo Future aims to offer is a growth partnership. Manageable quantities to meet your needs.

The wholesale offering begins at just £300. As this is end of roll deadstock amounts cannot be guaranteed, but Andrew and Elizaveta believe that creative individuals, and those wanting to reduce their transportation footprint, can thrive with this type of service.

Arkdefo Futures

“We are currently collecting (dry & wet) waxed cotton and canvas fabrics from an established Scottish supplier and will be looking to expand into other fabrics as we grow,” they said.

“If you are UK-based, would like to discuss this further and think you align with our mission, we’d be delighted to learn about your business and how we can help you.”


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Arkdefo Futures is a UKFT member. Interested in UKFT membership? Find out more here