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Member Spotlight: BBCo Headwear’s UK-manufactured caps


BBCo Headwear brings cap manufacturing back to the North of England to reduce carbon footprint and support local manufacturing.

BBCo Headwea

As one of the fastest growing British independent retail brands, BBCo Headwear has been producing headwear for outdoor enthusiasts and the Boardsport market since 2014. The brand is dedicated to supporting sustainability projects and supporting onshore manufacturing within the fashion industry to help protect the environment which is the playground the brand was built upon.

Two years ago, BBCo set out to try and establish manufacturing of some of its best-selling products here in the UK with very little success. Many UK manufacturers were reluctant to take on the project as hat manufacturing declined in the UK in the 1960s and 70s, with much of the skills and labour lost when the last factories closed their doors.

Founder of BBCo Headwear Annie Richmond worked with local councils in Northern England who partnered BBCo with a small micro factory (Oh Sew Whitty) in Huddersfield to bring the project to life. BBCo and Oh Sew Whitty are now the first brand and manufacturer to produce this form of headwear in the UK for many years.

BBCo Headwea

The material used in the production of the new collection now has just a 25-minute journey to the new studio for construction replacing the thousands of air miles previously taken to airfreight the material to the Far East to then be reimported back into the UK for sale within the UK market. The equivalent of 11,494.62 air miles has already been reduced during the first round of production.

BBCo’s aim is to continue to grow its manufacturing arm within the North of England and continue to educate consumers of the environmental impact of fast fashion and that buying British manufactured products will help reduce carbon footprint.

BBCo Headwea

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