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Member Spotlight: Caramel Rock fashion education charity


Caramel Rock is a dynamic youth focused charity that uses visual arts to foster creative skills among young people in one of the most diverse communities in London. Caramel Rock uses engaging mediums of creative and artistic innovation to improve art education and social inclusion opportunities for disadvantaged young people. Formed as a Charity, the fully funded creative BTEC courses provide young people with a positive artistic outlet drawing on different forms of artistic techniques to convey expression.

Caramel Rock

Courses consist of:

You will draft a block to your own size or to a standard size 12. You will then cut and sew the block in calico and learn to make fit adjustments. Using the full scale and quarter scale block you will learn pattern manipulations to create a range of skirt features including moving darts, turning darts into seams and adding flare.

The Fashion Drawing courses cover all the types of drawing a designer would do and can be done for pleasure, to help you get your creative ideas on paper, or to put together a portfolio of fashion art for work or college. They will introduce you to techniques and the use of different materials and build confidence in drawing.

Hand and Machine Sewing Techniques and Processes Garment Manufacturing Processes. This programme allows you to acquire skills in different areas which will show future employers that you are a versatile, diverse and creative individual.

Caramel Rock

Caramel Rock’s objectives include supporting young people and their families, providing arts skills, and experience and qualifications, and improving young people’s confidence, motivation and ambition in order to help them develop positive opportunities in their lives.


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‘The course has been very influential and has made me more comfortable being myself as an individual. I have become more observant of my own process of creating and designing. I am now able to differentiate art works that make me feel good and be on the path to where I can find my own style in the future.’ Shana Tekila

‘I found this course quite helpful to get me started my sewing learning process. I wouldn’t have started to sew using my new sewing machine, if I didn’t sign up for it. I learned some basic knowledge about what a fashion designer does and what the whole process of designing a piece of garment is like.’  Lillian

‘As a new mum who was made redundant, this course has been amazing! I am learning so many new skills. It’s hard work in as short space of time but this is a positive way to learn, I’d recommend this to anyone and am so grateful to the Caramel Rock team. I don’t want this to end!’ Kerry Bruke


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