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Member Spotlight: Celtic & Co


UKFT member Celtic & Co. is a small British family business founded in 1990 in Newquay on the beautiful north Cornish coast, specialising in premium British sheepskin footwear, clothing, outerwear, accessories and leather footwear.

Celtic & Co

The business was founded by Nick and Kath Whitworth, a local couple whose vision was to provide high quality, beautifully crafted British sheepskin boots for the local surfing community. Originally working from a small workshop with a single sewer, they designed, manufactured and sold their products to people in the local area. The quality of the product made was equally matched by the quality of their service to their customers.

Celtic & Co

Today Celtic & Co. has grown and now has hundreds of thousands of customers all around the world. The manufacture of premium British sheepskin footwear remains at the heart of the brand but the offer has expanded over time and now includes a wide collection of quality clothing, outerwear, accessories and leather footwear, all of which has been developed in line with their original vision for the brand, and with the needs of the customer at its core.

Celtic & co

Celtic & Co. says: “The values on which the business was founded remain at the centre of our beliefs today. We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and about caring for our community and so our collections are made using natural fibres which we believe will not only enrich the lives of our customers but also care for our shared environment.

Celtic & Co

“All of our leathers and sheepskins are derived as a by-product from the food industry and we only utilise sheepskins that would otherwise go to waste. We are proud to offer a repair and resole service for all of our sheepskin boots, and within our manufacturing processes we endeavour to utilise every scrap of sheepskin possible to minimise waste.

“For the products that are not made here in Newquay, we believe in only working with reputable partners who share not only our quality standards, but also our ethics and we only collaborate with factories who feel as passionately as we do about their environment, their employees and the items that they manufacture. We believe in a fair price for a fair product and do not compromise on quality or on our ethics to reduce costs.”

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