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Member Spotlight: Kalopsia Collective launches product development service


Kalospia Collective, a UKFT member and Scotland-based apparel and accessories small batch product manufacturer, has launched a new product development service called Assemble Custom.

Kalopsia Collective

The service builds on Kalopsia’s existing Assemble range, which offers a standardised product line covering everything from make-up bags and tote bags through to jackets, tops and homeware. The product templates can be ordered in a wide range of fabrics provided by the customer, with no minimum order. The finishing, linings, zips and sizes can be selected, depending on the customers’ preferences.

Kalopsia Collective

Assemble Custom takes all the knowledge from the development of the original range, focused on creating clear, effective patterns as a collaborative process with the customer.

Kalopsia Collective

“We really hone into the critical elements of each product and make sure the finished item does exactly what it should, while keeping the pattern construction as simple as possible and fabric usage to a minimum,” explained Kalopsia co-founders Adam Robertson and Nina Falk. “Like everything we do we are looking to simplify, innovate and streamline this process getting businesses to finalised products as effectively as possible.”

Kalopsia Collective

“We are already seeing some amazing products come through Assemble Custom, the first has already launched for Local Heroes project with the V&A Dundee, the Daytripper picnic blanket. There will be another few launching later this year for our clients, including a Women’s retail kilts and Harrington Jacket.”

Kalopsia Collective

Kalospia Collective is a social enterprise that was established in 2012 and recently moved to Fife to expand and increase efficiency.

Today Kalopsia supplies a range of clients from start-ups to luxury brands, with a central philosophy of the importance of recycling cut-offs and scrap materials. Robertson and Falk advocate for the responsible disposable of textiles and are taking steps to reduce fabric waste by creating new product lines with cut-offs.


Kalopsia Collective is a UKFT member. Interested in UKFT membership? Find out more here