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Associate Member Spotlight: Parker Lane Group fashion recommerce platform


UKFT associate member Parker Lane Group (PLG) is a recommerce platform offering end-to-end inventory management solutions for fashion brands and retailers. Its primary service is to manage and then resell customer returns and excess stock. The company’s frictionless and data-driven Resale as a Service (RaaS) solution allows brands to outsource all physical processing, sorting, quality control and order fulfilment to PLG. Once something enters PLG’s supply chain, it never goes out.

Parker Lane Group

Founded in 2010, PLG was originally one of the first companies worldwide to promote a full stack recommerce solution to returns and excess inventory management. PLG soon expanded its service offering to include recycling services, bespoke industry consultancy and a D2C Marketplace, Reloved, which will offer both rental and purchasing options.

The company’s vision is to ensure that retailers are able to manage their returns and terminal stock in a way that is both commercially savvy and good for the environment. Ultimately, it is driving the fashion industry to reduce its excessive waste, extending product life cycles and encouraging a circular economy.

In the 2020s, ethics and sustainability have become ‘status goods’ for brands who are being put under pressure by both consumers and governments to reduce their waste and carbon emissions. Generation Z and millennials are especially seeking to balance out their need to be seen in new clothing with the demand for sustainable fashion. More than a third of Gen Z and millennials have said they would consider renting in the future and the resale market has been expanding at 21 times faster than traditional over the past three years.

To help brands and retailers respond to these key industry trends, PLG is introducing a sustainable luxury marketplace, Reloved. With sustainability and innovation at the heart of everything it does, Reloved is an all-encompassing consumer model where consumers can buy or rent new and preloved items.

Parker Lane Group

Reloved’s rental model will allow consumers to experience, rather than solely own, high-quality clothing. Paired with the recommercing of luxury stock and preloved options, the marketplace will help the retail sector move further towards a sharing, circular fashion economy.

The Reloved marketplace is a unique selling proposition (USP) which increases both supply chain efficiency and resilience because PLG owns the entire stack of its solutions. Even when stock hasn’t sold, instead of pushing it back to the retailer, PLG uses innovative systems to capture value and find recommerce opportunities.

When inventory doesn’t sell directly to consumers through the Reloved marketplace, it is recommerced to wholesalers in secondary markets using the company’s B2B solution. Any remaining stock is then transported to Parker Lane’s in-house recycling plant. Overall, only 1% of stock is recycled – usually due to legal issues or irreparable damage.

Parker Lane Group says: “As a key voice of the industry, our relationship with UKFT is very special to our business. UKFT represents the entire UK fashion supply chain and helps connect fashion brands and retailers with innovative platforms like PLG. This enables us to work together as a community to help the sector become more sustainable while also ensuring maximum returns for both parties.”

Parker Lane Group

PLG’s special offer to UKFT members includes a free consultation regarding your company’s excess stock management. In addition, PLG will also provide a report detailing the performance of a similar brand in an off-price model (such as which countries are most responsive to it, which categories sell best etc.) Normally, this report is only available to existing retail partners, so they can review how their products are performing. Now, PLG can match UKFT members with one of its clients in this exclusive benefit. For your member introduction, contact info@ukft.org