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Member Spotlight: Studio Jag Sihra luxury silk accessories


Studio Jag Sihra is a design studio specialising in luxury silk lifestyle accessories, creating unique and timeless pieces through its bespoke design service.

Studio Jag Sihra

After a successful career in commercial design, Jag set up her own textile design studio and worked on a variety of prestigious collaborations. She is now pursuing another long-held dream and has launched her eponymous silk accessories collection.

Studio Jag Sihra

Creative director Jag explains: “The accessories are pure silk, hand illustrated, crafted by expert artisans and luxuriously sustainable.

“Our pieces, rich in stories, will give you pleasure the day you receive them and accompany you through your life, bringing vibrant colour, sensuous luxury and an accumulation of memories to every occasion.

Studio Jag Sihra

“I adore silk – a beautiful, natural material – and choose to work with it above any other, developing illustrations to celebrate the strength, vibrance and individuality of silk, ensuring my designs can be sympathetically crafted and endure for generations. As a highly qualified Textile Designer, I have studied silk in immense detail and understand its nuances and intricacies.  My design skills have been honed over many years and I continue to learn  through my work. I never cease to be inspired by the environment around me. Drawing and designing are meditative processes for me and the two merge seamlessly in my silk art pieces.”

Studio Jag Sihra

“I wanted to be able to join UKFT as I am proud to be part of the rich culture that is modern Britain and a product of British education and learning and feel lucky to be ablate join this community with its wonderful support network. I am proud to work with the best crafts people and help preserve these skills and businesses wherever possible.”

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