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Standeven for British Textile Week


Standeven is the merchanting division of Luxury Fabrics Group and supplies fabrics from the John Foster, Kynoch, William Halstead and Escorial brands to tailors around the world.

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Standeven is the ‘tailors mill’, weaving a broad range of the finest quality British cloth in its own Yorkshire mill, all available as a stock supported cut length service.

Standeven Brochure

The company is passionate about cloth, combining its heritage in both design and manufacture, weaving some of the world’s highest quality luxury fabrics available, created exclusively for tailors. Skilled craftspeople use age old techniques with rigorous attention to detail, achieving consistency in quality and the highest possible service levels. New cloths are developed by in-house designers, drawing inspiration from extensive archives, speaking directly with customers across the globe and translating trends to respond to the market.

Standeven combines a modern-day sensibility with a dedication to be the tailors’ mill to rely on. A commitment and determination to develop responsibly sourced and sustainable products is a core value of its manufacturing ethos.

There are 23 bunches in the stock support range.



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