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Taylor and Lodge for British Textile Week


Taylor and Lodge designs and manufactures exquisite worsted textiles for fashion houses and luxury brands internationally, all woven on site and their original Huddersfield mill.

Taylor&Lodge-VisualBoardTaylor & Lodge – visual board by UKFT

Taylor and Lodge played an integral part in the cementing of Savile Row as the destination for bespoke tailors, historically supplying key qualities to maintain the Row’s standard of excellence.

As the first textile company to win the Queen’s Award for Industry, Taylor and Lodge pride themselves on the knowledge and expertise of their team, many of whom are carrying on the proud Huddersfield vocation of textile production from generations past. With knowledge comes the ability to innovate, and with 140 years of archives as inspiration, Taylor and Lodge fabrics certainly stand out from the crowd!

Taylor and Lodge

Designer Sarah Munday comments on their new Taylor and Lodge collection for Autumn/Winter 2021/22:“In the current global market, the need for positivity has never been greater. Taylor & Lodge’s winter collection executes this with a new direction in colour, design and product innovation.

The ‘separate’ has become an ever-more integral item within a man’s wardrobe, giving Taylor & Lodge the focus to develop new, interesting check designs for jackets, trousers and coats, with beautifully enhanced ground hues and tasteful bold highlights. 

Classic, well-established suit qualities and designs are complemented with newly developed jacketing and blazer cloths showcasing unique yarn spinning methods to create visual depth and character using 3, 4, or 6-ply high twist or multi-colour twist techniques. 

Brand new wool/cashmere suit and coat qualities are exquisite in handle, giving a heightened sense of luxury to the Taylor & Lodge AW21 collection”. 

Taylor and Lodge

Taylor and Lodge

Taylor and Lodge



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