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The Technical Textiles Research Centre for British Textile Week


Creating new uses for coarse British wool and exploring the potential of nanotechnology to bring new functionality in textiles are just some of the projects that are underway at a new textile research centre, which was established at the University of Huddersfield last year.

Professor Parik Goswami is the founder and director of the Technical Textiles Research Centre, which aims to re-establish the town and region as a world leader in textiles by harnessing the latest technology and manufacturing techniques.

“At the heart of this ambition is our passion for the textile industry that gave Huddersfield its global reputation for excellence and innovation,” he says, underlining that the centre is building on the town’s textile heritage, but also its expertise in chemistry and engineering.

“Through the adoption of novel textile chemistry, combined with engineering expertise and digital technologies we can help UK textiles recapture an increasing share of global markets,” explains Parik.

In this interview for British Textile Week, Parik explains he is working on a number of projects that aim to revolutionise the textile and apparel supply chain in the UK, including the Future Fashion Factory with the University of Leeds and the Royal College of Art.

He is also looking at broader ways to identify new opportunities for the textile industry beyond those that were previously thought possible.


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