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UK fashion and textile brands trading with the EU? Things to consider


UKFT has been working very closely with the UK government during all the negotiations with the EU. We know and understand how the UK-EU TCA will impact on UK fashion and textile businesses and we can help and advise companies on how to develop new strategies to ensure they can continue to trade successfully with the EU and the rest of the world.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Will you have to pay tariffs on your imports and export sales?
  • Do you know if Import VAT will affect you and/or your customers?
  • Can you navigate your way through the new Rules of Origin for each of the UK’s new Free Trade Agreements?
  • Have you thought how the UK-EU TCA will impact on your ability to go to overseas trade shows?
  • Have you considered the new labelling requirements across the EU?
  • Do you understand how the UK and EU’s GSP schemes operate?
  • Do you need help finding a customs agent or logistics partner?
  • Have you reviewed your EU and non-EU business contracts now that the UK has left the EU?
  • Have you considered the impact of Brexit on your B2C sales?
  • Do you understand how EU B2C VAT rules are going to change again in July?
  • How do you deal with returns from EU customers? Are you selling to them on a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)? What happens if you don’t?

UKFT Brexit Resources

UKFT Brexit Guidance

UKFT Brexit Resources

Through its close contacts with the UK government and industry stakeholders, UKFT has prepared a set of detailed, sector specific, member-only guidance, aimed at helping companies understand the complexities and new requirements of trading with the EU.

Downloadable documents for members (published or updated in January 2021) include:

  • UKFT Brexit Guidance Toolkit
  • UKFT Guide to ATA Carnets
  • UKFT Guide to Rules of Origin for Trading with the EU
  • UKFT Guide to Garment Labelling in the EU post Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to the UK’s GSP
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Japan Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Canada CETA Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Turkey Free Trade Agreement

UKFT members can also get tailored advice and support on trading with the EU. We are here to help our members make sense of the new rules and offer strategies for how individual businesses can best adapt to the new arrangements.

Interested in UKFT membership? Find out more at www.ukft.org/membership or email info@ukft.org