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UK men’s brands and women’s pre-collections in Paris


UK men’s brands and womenswear labels are showcasing their latest ranges in Paris, exhibiting at tradeshows around Paris Men’s Fashion Week and Women’s Pre-Collections, including at Man Paris, Man/Woman Paris, Tranoï Men’s and Women’s and London showROOMS at Tranoï Richelieu, as well as selected multibrand showrooms.

Albam, Lou Dalton, Norman Wakabayashi, Oliver Spencer and Sunspel can be found at Man and Man/Woman, while Tranoï will feature brands including Harris Wharf London, Covrt Project, Kozha and Simeon Farrar. At LONDON showROOMS, Bethany Williams, Danshan, JordanLuca, Robyn Lynch and Saul Nash will be among the designers present this season.

There is a vast array of multibrand showrooms dotted around the city from 15-23 January offering a curated selection of labels. Awaykin, D/Ark Concept, Nieuway, Polly King, Tomorrow and Welcome Edition are some of the showrooms hosting the biggest concentration of UK brands but interesting UK labels can also be found at others, including Indigofera, Tora Tora, Touba and Riccardo Grassi.

View the full exhibitor list here

Brands to look out for as part of the UK group in Paris, co-ordinated by UKFT and supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT), include:

Norman Wakabayashi (Cambon) – showing at Man/Woman Paris

Norman Wakabayashi is a new range of beautifully-made unisex footwear from Mark Norman and Masahiro Wakabayashi.

Blueue Burnham – showing at Awaykin

Established in 2018, Bleue Burnham is an eponymous men’s jewellery brand based in London. Through continual exploration of concept, culture, precious metals and precious stones Bleue designs with the intention to nurture a positive connection between jewellery and the wearer. Often focusing on a contemporary understanding of wellbeing to design pieces that look beyond aesthetic attention, creating a more meaningful and positive experience with jewellery. Bleue’s background in sustainability also heavily informs the brand.

Folk – showing at Awaykin

The independent casual-wear brand for all Folk.

Hades – showing at Awaykin

HADES is a British knitwear brand, founded in 2015. The principal concept behind our design is classic knitwear that you can cherish for years. HADES knitwear is handcrafted in Hawick, Scotland and made from pure lambswool. We are sold at select boutiques in Europe, America and Japan.

Heresy – showing at Awaykin

HERESY is a brand based in South London that produces seasonal clothing collections influenced by the research and exploration of Folklore.

Xenia Telunts – showing at Awaykin

Through her collections, Xenia Telunts explores aspects of sustainability including techniques of zero-waste pattern cutting, natural dyeing, up-cycling textiles and the use of organic fabric. Her objective is to use minimal resources and the simplest of means to achieve long-lasting and high-quality results, as she believes clothing should not be created to satisfy short-term needs but that everything should be considered and designed carefully for the long term in the hope that what is made will last for generations.

Belize – showing at Bare Agency

Referencing historical motifs and fabrications, Belize aspires to create elegant uniforms; timeless garbs with light airy volume for every day practicality. Belize works with small, specialised factories and craftspeople to develop, grow and learn together. Relying on the very best Italian crepes, cottons and wools, as well as historical Indian cloths to give each garment credibility and longevity.

Nicomede – showing at D/Ark Concept

Modernistic menswear.

E.Tautz – showing at Four Marketing

  1. Tautz & Sons is a men’s clothing brand founded on Oxford Street, London in 1867 as Edward Tautz & Son.  Today it combines heritage, fine fabrication and tailored designs brought to life by Patrick Grant.

Ocularis  – showing at Indigofera

Ocularis is a London-based label which aims to create collections centralised on personally collected ideas and viewpoints which can be communicated through the clothing.

ANZ – showing at Nieuway

Ainy Naim established the ANZ brand, with a design perspective for a global audience. The brand reinvestigates heritage knitwear, fused with a love of the emerging hip-hop scene from 1980-1989 which is given a modern aesthetic through intelligent use of fabric and techniques, to create garments which are both distinctive and practical.

ANZ is designed in North London and produced in the UK through cooperation with family run factories. ANZ proudly creates small runs of individual garments, keeping product highly desirable and collectable.

Auxiliary Footwear – showing at Nieuway

Premium footwear brand taking inspiration from the founders’ love of skateboarding and vintage hi-fi culture.

Raus – showing at Nieuway

RAUS PRESENTED BY DANIELLE ROSS. Danielle has applied her trade since graduating from her Fashion Design degree, working closely with a master bespoke tailor who has over 40 years’ experience in the trade. As well as collaborating privately with a number of clients she has also accumulated interest working alongside “A-Cold Wall”, hand-crafting the key tailored pieces seen in Vogue, Hypebeast & Vice.

RAUS is a celebration of allowing ones scales to fall off of one’s eyes, having the ability to think for oneself, the idea of thought processes changing over time depending on what & whom you are exposed too. The main metaphor of epiphany Is being represented within the clothes. RAUS  prides itself on its exceptional craftsmanship, design and detailing, cutting no corners to deliver the perfect conceptual finish to every garment.

Ester Kubisz – showing at NOB

Ester Kubisz is an emerging label based in London. In her work Kubisz concentrates on merging unique styling with a traditional approach to clothes making focused on tailoring and quality.

Kubisz’s signature trademark is in house developed pinstripe embroidery that links all the collection and is a reference to traditional pinstripe suiting. Linking the tradition with the modern. Kubisz’s collections won several awards, like Best Garment Design at Mercedes Benz FW, Fashion Scout’s Ones To Watch and were showcased at London Fashion as well as internationally.

Daniel Crabtree – showing at The Alphabet

Daniel Crabtree is an emerging menswear designer using a unique process of freehand pattern-cutting, repurposed fabrics and characteristic detailing

Renata Brenha – showing at Tora Tora Showroom

Hailing from Sao Paolo, Renata Brenha is a London-based womenswear designer and alumni of MA Fashion at the Royal College of Art.  Her artisanal approach to fashion is an exploration of repurposing and up-cycling materials to create a new identity of clothing where materials take on new meaning.

Dubbleware – showing at Welcome Edition

The historic brand that built America! Dubbleware, from its early beginnings as the standard trusted workwear for Massachusetts Farmers since the 1930s. Dubbleware is the original authentic workwear brand, now crated with sympathy to its rich Boston Massachusetts history in raw selvedge cloths, updated using a touch of Lycra for a more modern fit and stitched in the old-fashioned way, using only Union Special machines.

Heimat – showing at Welcome Edition

Heimat (pronounced [ˈhaɪmat]) is a German word that denotes the relationship of a human being toward a certain spatial social unit. The term forms a contrast to social alienation and usually carries positive connotations.

Heimat stands for traditional silhouettes interpreted for modern day living. Contemporary products that incorporate the German tradition for high quality. Products offered by Heimat are meant to be simple. Cloths and products that make you feel at home and secure.

US Rubber Company – showing at Welcome Edition

US Rubber Company, founded in 1892 paved the way for some of the biggest sneaker brands in the world to this date. The mass production of the sneakers during the start of the First World War allowed U.S. Rubber to uniform the U.S. army. Now manufactured in one of the oldest rubber factories in Europe, 2019 see’s the return of U.S. Rubber Company and its iconic military sneaker collection.

Workhouse England – showing at Welcome Edition

Drawing inspiration from the past to create contemporary wearable men’s clothes tailored with enduring style. A twist on tradition.