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UKFT delivers MADE IT masterclass at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)


UKFT held an in-depth Production and Sourcing masterclass at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) for second-year Fashion Design and Fashion Design Technology students, as part of the MADE IT programme.

Led by industry expert Daliah Hearn, the session on 3 May 2023 offered critical insight into fashion production and sourcing, from a global perspective and with a closer focus on UK sourcing. The masterclass has been developed specifically to help design students starting out in their careers by offering them a broader understanding and awareness of the production and sourcing landscape, including the strengths and specialities of UK manufacturers. It is tailored to support those hoping to work in buying and design roles within brands and retailers, as well as those starting their own brands or business ventures.

Topics discussed included range-planning, sourcing strategies, costing mechanisms, end-to-end supply-chain principles, business structures, building connections with manufacturers and suppliers and much more.

Rachel Shepard, Fashion Lecturer and Placement Coordinator at MMU says:

“It goes without saying that the content today would be useful to any of the cohort we teach – be that design, buying, merchandising, general business and even courses like promotion and communication. A fantastic talk and I could see from all attendees how useful they found it.”

The Made-IT programme has been developed by UKFT to enrich the production and sourcing knowledge of fashion and textile graduates. UKFT works with five universities each year to deliver the programme, supported by CapitB and the Clothworkers’ Company. The scheme includes:

  • The MADE IT Production and Sourcing Masterclass: the masterclass is delivered to each participating university, by industry expert Daliah Hearn. It offers students an in-depth understanding of Production and Sourcing for the fashion and textile industry, from a global perspective and with a focus on UK sourcing.
  • The MADE IT Production Internship: in addition to the masterclass, one student from each participating university receives the opportunity to participate in a two-month paid internship at a top UK brand, studio or manufacturer. This allows students to get a real-life manufacturing and sourcing experience.


Manchester Metropolitan University. May 2023.


The MADE IT programme has been developed to enrich the production and sourcing knowledge of our graduates and to illustrate the wealth of technical and creative roles available throughout the supply chain.

Government statistics show manufacturing employment in the UK is on the rise for first time in decades and investment is the highest it has been for many years. However, there is consistent evidence to demonstrate some significant skills gaps in and around manufacturing.

The UK fashion and textile industry needs new, highly skilled people on machines and in a variety of production roles. At the same time new candidates entering into design, development and production-related roles, and those setting up businesses, must have the crucial manufacturing and sourcing knowledge that is required for success.

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