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UKFT Member Spotlight: Leticia Credidio


Leticia Credidio is an authentic luxury sleepwear/loungewear brand created by Italian-Japanese-Brazilian designer of the same name, based in East London. Leticia Credidio’s brand mission is to help over-stimulated city workers embrace the positive power of sleep.

The newly launched capsule collection is bold, nature-inspired with a radically refreshing aesthetic take on sleepwear that can also be worn as loungewear. It is designed to allow wearers to move freely, feel at ease and step into a space of relaxation and inner contentment. Inspired by winter birds, dark colours and stylish shapes are part of the brand’s ethos to help women sleep beautifully and wake boldly.

The garments are hand-crafted in Italy by a family-run atelier and all fabrics are organic (GOTS-certified) and sustainable. Even the packaging is made from discarded fabrics from a recycling centre in London.


Instagram: @leticiacredidio