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UKFT Rise – Founder Feature with Maison Mbosso


UKFT Rise subscriber Maison Mbosso is a contemporary African menswear brand. The brand has been founded by Christèle Mbosso for her final year project and graduate collection in 2019 and officially launched in 2022. Maison Mbosso’s aim is to design collections inspired by the African culture, old and new, and to support talented artisans in Africa through the use of ethical fabrics and dyes, sustainable trims and traditional crafts.

Read Maison Mbosso’s feature with UKFT Rise below:


Brown City Collection from Maison Mbosso

  • Company launched in: 2022


  • Company based in: London, England.


  • How many people are in your team: At the moment it is just me and a bunch of incredibly talented freelancers & consultants.


  • Our background is: My background is in fashion design, menswear to be specific.


  • We decided to start our business because: I decided to start my business because I wanted to work for a company that encompasses everything I want to see in the World. A brand that not only makes beautiful long lasting products, but also strives to be as sustainable and ethical as possible and cared about its people.



  • Something that really helped in getting our business off the ground is: What has really helped getting my business to where it is now, is networking. Not necessarily going to specific networking events (even though they help a lot too), but actually talking and listening to everyone that’s crossed my path. It is incredible the amount of people out there that are willing to share some wisdom or knowledge about their passion. And a lot of times I find that the information I have gathered could help me along the way. Listen, and take notes. 


  • Our biggest success so far has been: One thing that I am particularly proud of so far is settling into my studio space within one of VO Curations’ building. Getting a physical space just for work not only has boosted my productivity all together but also gives me the advantage of having a proper space for fittings and appointments. This year, we are also about to launch a line of essentials, which I am very very excited about. 


  • An area of business we’d like to gain more knowledge of: I need to gain more knowledge about everything really. The day I know everything about my craft I’ll be ready to retire. Finances and investment is something I really want to deep dive into at the moment, that’s the skill I need the most for the brand right now. 


Christèle Mbosso, Founder of Maison Mbosso

  • A brand we find inspiring is: There are so many brands I find inspiring right now. Maison ARTC, Kenneth Ize, Wales Bonner…. so many interesting brands! At the moment, I am closely looking at leather alternatives and other textiles sustainable innovations. I love what Mirum is doing. I love looking at mushroom leathers, bark cloth and so on. I would love to work on special textiles developments with the likes of the Post Carbon Lab.


  • One thing we wish we’d known before launching is: Listen to everyone’s advice, but don’t just trust anyone with your baby (your brand).


  • Success for us looks like: My brand successfully working with the talented artisans in Africa, making some good quality sustainable garments, season after season.


Discover Maison Mbosso website:

Maison Mbosso

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