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UKFT urges government to support exporters


UKFT is calling on the government to allow Tradeshow Access Programme grants to be used for virtual tradeshows, after many key events for the UK fashion and textile industry have moved online.

UKFT has asked the government to adapt to Covid-19 with flexibility to enable UK companies to use for virtual tradeshows and showrooms, as well as other changes in the scheme to support companies in these difficult times.

Since April, UKFT has been asking the government to match the support we see from our international competitors to respond to the challenges of Covid19 and help us to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

“We are particularly concerned that UK exporters are not currently getting the speed and level of support being offered by other governments,” said Adam Mansell, CEO of UKFT. “This puts our companies at a comparative disadvantage. We urge the UK government to offer new and substantial support to British exporters and manufacturers to protect and build jobs here in the UK.”

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