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Update on International Tradeshows for Childrenswear


The main international tradeshows for Childrenswear have confirmed that they will be going ahead as physical events. Read on to learn more about the tradeshows dates and how to apply for space.

Pitti Bimbo

Pitti Bimbo’s dates have now been confirmed. The show will be held from the 18th to the 20th of January in Florence.


Playtime will be back in Paris from the 28th to the 30th of January and in New York from the 12th to the 14th of February. Exact dates for the July Playtime show in Shanghai have yet to be confirmed (depending on whether the Chinese government relaxes its zero-Covid policy).

In the meantime, Playtime Paris and New York are open and will be held in physical format.

Apply for Space at these Shows

Traditionally, newcomers to the market show at Pitti Bimbo or Playtime in Paris. However, since Brexit, many UK brands have found that the US has become the most dynamic market for their collections.

If you would like to apply for space at Pitti Bimbo, please email ct.bimbo@pittimmagine.com or visit www.pittimmagine.com

If you would like to apply for space at one of the Playtime shows, please email chantal@iloveplaytime.com or visit www.iloveplaytime.com

Please inform paul.alger@ukft.org if you are applying to either show or organiser, so that we can help you and support your application.


Whilst there is currently no Childrenswear show on the Department for International Trade’s UK Tradeshow Programme (UKTP) for grants, a one-off matched funding may be available to some SMEs. The funding ranges between £1,000 and £9,000. It may be accessible to SMEs based in all English regions, apart from London, the East of England and Cornwall – through DIT Internationalisation Fund (funded through the European Regional Development Fund).

Funding must be pre-approved by a DIT International Trade Advisor (ITA) and cannot be backdated. Eligibility related to turnover, products and growth potential and availability of funds applies.

To secure a grant through this scheme, you will need to fund part of the costs yourself. I.e. to achieve a grant of £9,000 you must have £18,000 worth of approved expenses (this can vary depending on where your business is based and could be either 40 or 50% of the total cost). In some bases, it may be possible to use the grant to cover more than one show. So, potentially, it may be used in a combination of events which take place before the end of March 2023 such as Playtime Paris, Pitti Bimbo and Playtime New York. Alternatively, companies can combine a show with other export-based activities.

Grants must be applied for and confirmed before you commit to show.

The deadline for applications is on the 31st of December 2022, but funds are limited. Please, contact your local DIT region as soon as possible. For further details on eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit

Internationalisation Fund for Businesses in England