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William Halstead: ‘Master of Mohair’ woven with responsibly-sourced fibre


William Halstead is a leading British name for worsted fabrics and recognised as the ‘Master of Mohair’ amongst the leading fashion houses of the world, international high-class tailors and cloth merchants.

William Halstead

The brand, part of the SIL Group, has a reputation built upon working in close collaboration with elevated brands around the world, directional fashion houses, high end clothing manufacturers and bespoke tailoring. It is a long term partner of Woolmark and enthusiastic contributors to the Campaign for Wool inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Charles. In close alignment with the values of these organisations , William Halstead has celebrated the biodegradable benefits of the natural fibres with which its fabrics are woven and were early signatories to the Dumfries House Declaration, where the Five Freedoms and holistic Animal Welfare ranks highly.

William Halstead

As a weaver based in the time-honoured heartland of wool fibre manufacturing in the UK, William Halstead has sought not only to evolve its collections to be woven from responsibly sourced fibre; the brand has ensured these steps are credibly verified. Its principal fibres are Merino Wool and Mohair; therefore, William Halstead has obtained accreditation from Control Union and can proudly certify that many of its most in demand fabrics that are most emblematic of the brand are now available or soon to be available to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and Responsible Mohair Standard Sourced Mohair (RMS).

This responsibly sourced animal fibre status provides its world class customers with the confidence that from farm level best practices are being audited, and these common values are being passed on hand to hand through the supply chain. Consecutive transaction certificates transferred progressively along an audited supply chain of engaged stakeholders support essential values of protecting animal welfare, preserving land health, protecting social welfare, a certified chain of custody.

William Halstead

Concurrently with these actions to enrich the offer of fabrics woven from responsibly sourced fibre, William Halstead maintains its commitment to creative flair and authenticity in design and production. As customers can find increasing numbers of responsibly sourced fibre options in both the supported stock fabrics and seasonal collections, William Halstead maintains the uniqueness of approach and origination that first gained their attention.

William Halstead fabrics woven from responsibly sourced fibres are available to view through the international sales network or in person at Milano Unica and Premiere Vision. As the firm returns to a regular pattern of international travel, the team will be increasingly available to present these fabrics in person.

Find out more at www.williamhalstead.co.uk

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