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WOLF enters small leather goods category at Pitti Uomo June 22


At the June 2022 edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence, UK exhibitor WOLF is entering the small leather goods category with two exciting new collections, expanding the brand’s range while staying true to sustainability, handmade quality and cutting-edge design.

The brand specialises in luxury jewellery accessories, watch boxes, cases and watch winders.

Since 1834 the WOLF mark has been a symbol of decades of innovation and the pursuit of the perfect design. As a five-generation family-owned company, WOLF understands that extraordinary objects are representations of extraordinary moments in life. The brand believes that for a legacy to endure it must be nourished and upheld while melding beauty and functionality. It is dedicated to honouring people’s stories and the legacies entrusted to them.

WOLF 1834 at Pitti Uomo June 22

The W Collection is a sleek collection of essential lifestyle accessories crafted in a luxury embossed leather, from a gold certified, sustainable tannery.

WOLF 1834 at Pitti Uomo June 22

The Signature Collection is a fully vegan range, made for the eco-conscious traveller. All the products are 95% recycled and sustainable, including recycled PVC, apple pulp and recycled plastic bottles.

With textures and colours inspired by vintage luggage, the collection features WOLF’s new house monogram pattern; a distinctive repeating pattern drawing inspiration from architecture and European graphic design.

WOLF continues to innovate across all their product ranges, these collections are no exception, W & Signature products feature RFID to ensure personal data is protected, without compromising style and design.

Other show highlights

WOLF 1834 at Pitti Uomo June 22

WOLF X WM Brown this collaboration features WOLF’s signature watch winders, watch boxes, and watch rolls alongside a negroni set and cigar humidor all infused with WM Brown’s iconic Negroni Tweed. Negroni tweed was created in an English wool mill by the Fox Brothers for Matt Hranek & WM Brown in celebration of a delicious Negroni drink.

British Racing. Classics are not created, they are born, destined to be one-off’s, different, unique and above all else, timeless. British Racing has, in a very short span of time, become a classic, truly one of a kind. Choose from the patented watch winders, classic watch boxes and triple watch roll in classic green and gold or the new black with gunmetal details.

Sustainable developments and innovation

Over the last several years, WOLF has deepened its commitment to sustainability across the company. The brand sources sustainable packaging and uses materials like 100% recycled leather.

WOLF says: “Because it matters to us, but also because our commitment to quality is intertwined with the need for sustainable processes and materials.

“Our workshops and the people who work in them are the bedrock of our business. We provide safe working conditions, liveable wages and work hard to ensure equal labour rights. Because the quality of life of our artisans directly affects the quality of our products and because we care about our impact on the environment, we also ensure that our factories meet emissions standards and practices.

We only use recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that is made of 70% post-consumer recycled waste. So you can feel good about unboxing your WOLF as all packaging can be re-used or placed in a recycling bin.

Our CEO Simon Wolf has continued his family legacy in many ways, including a deep commitment to environmentalism and protection of animals. To protect your legacy, which is WOLF’s core aim, we must do our part to protect the health of the planet.

All of our watch winders are wrapped in 100% vegan leather; because the highest quality and luxury can also be sustainable.

At WOLF, we only use certified FSC 100% recycled paper, certified recycled corrugated cardboard and 100% recycled cotton and polyester materials. We are introducing more innovative sustainable materials in our products, from 66% biomaterials made from apple pulp to RPET made from recycled plastic bottles.

WOLF has a long history of caring about climate. Philip Wolf III wrote about “climate change” 58 years before the term had been coined, in his book, ‘Land Drainage and its Dangers as Experienced in Sweden’. Philip wrote on subjects related to how we were already affecting the climate of the earth.

Simon Wolf’s grandfather created the Swedish Salmon and Trout Association. The inauguration took place in August of 1948 when he opened Håstad Mill. As a lifelong fisherman who cared deeply about the water quality and the impact the fishing industry had on the planet, it was one his greatest achievements that continues to inspire Simon Wolf’s commitment to conservation.”

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