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Sustainable practices within the Abraham Moon mill


Established in 1837, Moon is renowned for its strong heritage combined with innovative use of colour and design. Its latest collection for spring 2021 offers new combinations of lambswool with linen and also cotton and worsted. New stock-supported worsted jacketing designs complement the existing offer.

As part of UKFT’s campaign to showcase the unique strengths of the UK textile industry, we asked leading UK mills and manufacturers to outline their latest sustainability developments.

Abraham Moon, one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in the UK and based in Guiseley in West Yorkshire, told us it is working towards zero waste, investing in more energy-efficient machinery and green energy, as well as reducing single-use plastics throughout the mill. It also predominantly works with wool, a versatile fibre with many natural benefits.

The latest developments are as follows:

Zero Waste

We have initiated practices on the production line to move towards a zero waste model of manufacturing. This includes the capture and re-use of loose fibre during both the Carding & Spinning processes, and baling-up the Selvedge after Weaving to be recycled into insulation and/or carpeting underlay.


Brand new machinery with better energy efficiency, new electric motors for older machinery, and LED lighting throughout the factory have all been installed as part of re-investments of any company profits over the past 5-10 years. Modernised scouring machinery has also seen us reduce our water usage by over 20% in the past decade.

Green Energy

10% of our total power is generated by over 300 solar panels installed on the roof of our Warehouse & Finishing departments; an extension built in 2013. This section of the mill is in fact fully self-sufficient, with any power we don’t use being sold back to the National Grid.

Single-Use Plastics & Recycling

We’re committed to reducing single-use plastics throughout the mill. In 2019 we introduced a plastic free packaging option for our full range of woven accessories, and plastic yarn cones and polythene wrapping are both recycled internally. We also recycle cardboard in-house, and metal bands from bales of wool are sold to be re-used elsewhere.

Abraham Moon’s sustainable sourcing scheme

Wool is an incredibly versatile fibre that offers many natural benefits, which make it a great choice for a wide range of applications.



The campaign to promote the creativity, quality, craftsmanship and innovation within the UK textile industry has been developed by UKFT in partnership with The Clothworkers’ Company. Contact textiles@ukft.org for more details.