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British Alpaca Fashion: Alpaca textiles grown, design and woven in the UK


British Alpaca Fashion is the first vertically-integrated British producer of textiles from British Alpaca farmed in the UK. The company covers farming through to the design and weaving of high quality and luxury suiting and coating cloth for the fashion industry.

British Alpaca textiles have a unique handle and drape, which is ideal for bespoke suiting in the world of contemporary luxury. The firm believes fabrics made from the best of British Alpaca fibre can compete with luxury fabrics made from cashmere from Mongolia, vicuna from South America or merino from New Zealand. Using modern technology, the company ensures that its British Alpaca Textiles are traceable to their source in the UK and therefore guarantees a sustainable product with a low carbon foot print.

British Alpaca Fashion

EKOALPAKA is the firm’s independent brand, which produces alpaca yarns from these Alpacas from the family-owned farm high up in the hills of the Exmoor National Park. EKOALPAKA focuses on the environment, ethical practices, good husbandry and animal welfare. All products bearing this mark are traceable and eco friendly. EKOALPAKA does not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides on its fields and the water for the alpaca is pure mineral water from a water source within the farm.

The subtle tones of the natural colours of alpaca together with its thermal and quick drying properties make it a perfect environmentally friendly and ethical alternative. It is light and hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Find out more at www.britishalpacafashion.co.uk and www.ekoalpaka.com

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