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British Intimate Apparel Brands: Ms A London


The team behind Ms A London firmly believe that all women have the right to beautiful, well fitting lingerie.

MS A London

Focused on comfort and wear-ability, as well as aesthetics, all styles are fitted and developed with a Transfeminine body in mind, and created to give the wearer the confidence that one garment will do what—perhaps in the past—was only achieved with multiple garments. Ms A London wants wearers to be comfortable whilst being fabulous.

Construction of the garments has been developed to consider body shape, ultimate comfort and to create a little magic in terms of swerves and curves. The initial collection of solutions pieces features an unwired bra, high waist briefs, a slip dress, and two bodysuits. All styles are created to nip and tuck and accentuate where necessary.

During this time of sampling and fitting, the team realised there is nothing at all that represents the community in terms of sizing. Much in lingerie (and clothing) is currently bought with a speculative notion of fit, so there is a lot of trial and error involved in finding something that works.

MS A London

Ms A London is working to create a sizing system for the Transfeminine community, creating visibility and inclusivity through fashion. This is being worked on with non-profit organisation My Size CIC and the BSI, who recently commented that this work could lead a change in how clothing is produced and sized.

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