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British Millerain: rECOver waxed cotton featuring 100% natural wax


British Millerain specialises in waxed cotton for outerwear, offering a unique, durable and sustainable collection of fabrics, crafted in the UK since 1880.

This season, the firm is championing its rECOver initiative, which is focused on further enhancing the sustainability of its range of textiles through continuous product R&D and investment in manufacturing processes. British Millerain has made exciting progress in 2022, with the launch of a 100% natural wax derived from sustainable vegetable sources (rECOver Wax 6). In addition, the firm’s R&D team has refined the chemistry of its fabric finishes to completely remove PFCs from all fabrics.

When you integrate these exciting product innovations with British Millerain’s commitment to sourcing organic cotton and BCI cotton, the results is truly bespoke textiles with strong sustainable credentials.

The company’s novel and highly weather-resistant Tekwax fabrics for outerwear are made using BCI cotton and PFC-free finishing (images attached). Tekwax finishes are machine-washable and available in a range of finished weights and stock-supported shades.

Find out more at www.britishmillerain.com

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