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British Womenswear Brands: Satatland


Satatland is a guilt-free, compromise-free, cruelty-free, and ownership-free circular fashion brand founded by Karishma Gupta, MA Fashion Entrepreneurship & Innovations, 2018, London College of Fashion.


The brand makes beautiful sustainable outfits with a vision to see a positive change in our lifetime by connecting producers, buyers, and the natural world. The name translates to “Sustainable Land”, the utopian vision of a sustainable world where we take a holistic approach on how fashion should be produced, consumed, and disposed.


Wearing different outfits for every occasion means owning an endless overpacked wardrobe which comes at the cost of our environment, therefore, we envisioned an ownership-free future in Satatland. Satatland designs can be rented & leased in the UK and bought directly globally. When your purchase is no longer required or wearable you can send it back for responsible reuse, upcycle or recycle for a sweet reward.

This brand’s second collection will be made in the UK.

Find out more at www.satatland.com and follow on Instagram @satatland