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British Textile Week 2021: iinouiio


In 2020, iinouiio launched their first collection of UK recycled wool yarns and fabrics and this year they are installing their own wool and luxury fibre recycling line to produce recycled fibre yarns and fabrics  – repurposing manufacturers and retailers’ waste to make them into new products.


Although Yorkshire wool recycling began around 1813, by the year 2000 the last traditional UK wool recycler had closed. This initiative is a milestone for the UK textile and fashion industry that will preserve and re-energise the heritage, craft, corporate responsibility and commercial opportunities offered by the oldest textile circular economy; conveying our past to revolutionise future possibilities and potential.


Hear from John Parkinson from iinouiio below:

What the customers say…

Jennifer Kosh (knitwear designer) www.khcn.co.uk @jenakincatwalker

Jennifer Kosh

“Working with John and iinouiio was a great pleasure. Taking inspiration from traditional hand-knit patterns of the northeast of England and using classic craftsmanship and collaging, I produced a garment that remixes historical styles and abstract expressionism. Creating a contemporary yet timeless look reflecting iinouiio’s history and approach to sustainability.”

Lee Hurst (clothing designer – jacket) Insta: @leehurst_


“I was heavily inspired by iinoiiio’s values, re-working materials to develop a bespoke piece with longevity. The jacket is completely created from deadstock materials and recycled wool, down to the unused Christian Dior buttons. The heavyweight wool reminded me of British traditionalism within tailoring, as the fabric inspired me to look deep into 1940’s outerwear, a time when fabric was incredibly important to the performance of clothing, and scraps were not wasted. Double-breasted suits have always been a symbol of professionalism and strength, England, of course, famous for its tweed fabric, and sharp cut.”

Both images:

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Visit www.iinouiio.com and follow on Instagram @iinouiiorecycledtextiles