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Labelling Overview

There are four key areas that need to be considered when labelling garments: Fibre Content, Country of Origin, Care Instructions and Flammability.

Whilst the rules across the EU are similar they are not the same in all areas. Key export markets such as the USA, South Korea and many other countries have different legal requirements.

UKFT maintains a global database of the care labelling requirements in all other major markets throughout the world. As well as advice on care labelling, UKFT can also provide members with information on the different requirements on fibre content and country of origin labelling.

UKFT is the UK representative of GINETEX, the organisation that owns access to all garment care labelling symbols. Membership of UKFT can also give you the right to use the symbols throughout the world without any further charges.

For the five main symbols and more detailed information, please visit our care labelling website.