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Labelling Overview

There are four key areas that need to be considered when labelling garments: Care Labelling, Fibre Content, Country of Origin and Flammability.

The care symbols are registered trademarks in over 60 countries, including the UK and all major European markets. Companies must have a licence to use the care symbols. UKFT is the UK organisation responsible for the use of the symbols and UKFT can provide a care labelling licence that allows the use of the symbols throughout the world.

In general labelling rules across the EU are similar but they are not the always the same. Key export markets such as the USA, South Korea and many other countries have different legal requirements.

UKFT can advise members of the labelling requirements in all major markets throughout the world. For more advice and guidance about labelling members can contact info@ukft.org.

Not a member? Find out more about UKFT membership here.

Country of Origin

Country of origin labelling is, generally speaking, not compulsory in the EU. However, it is necessary to have an origin label if, without such a label, the consumer could be misled as to the true origin of the garment. For instance, if a garment carried the British flag on it but it was made in Hong Kong, then the garment should include a label to that effect.

Fraudulent origin labelling is illegal.

Other markets have different legal requirements when it comes to origin labelling. Incorrect labelling can result in goods being refused entry or even destroyed. UKFT can advise members on the latest requirements.

Importer & Brand Details

A growing number of markets both in the EU and further afield require garments to be labelled with the name and address of the importer or brand. For specific details, members should contact the team at UKFT.

Labelling and the Environment - Clevercare

Brands, retailers and consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of looking after clothing.

  • 81% of EU consumers want to reduce energy and water use
  • 72% know they can make an impact during the cleaning process
  • 87% consumers try to wash in an environmentally friendly way
  • 65% actively choose to wash at a lower temperature

In response to this GINETEX has developed CLEVERCARE the eco-care logo to encourage & educate the consumer to extend the life of garments and to reduce the impact of cleaning on the climate.

The five key messages are:

  • Don’t wash too often
  • Lower the temperature
  • Reduce the amount you tumble dry
  • Only iron when necessary
  • Only go to a dry cleaner when necessary

The clevercare symbol is a registered trade mark in the UK and in many other countries. More information on clevercare including collateral for retailers is available at www.clevercare.info