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CocoBloom for British Textile Week


CocoBloom is a London-based textile design studio founded by Lisa Berridge, and prides itself on delivering hand-drawn and hand-painted collections. The studio has worked with brands such as Anthropologie, Me & Em, Reiss and Jaeger.

CocoBloom CocoBloom CocoBloom

A large part of the studio’s collections are screen printed by hand using a variety of techniques, making them stand out in today’s market. They also do their own devores and mix techniques to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

As a small studio, CocoBloom is able to have complete control over its handwriting and stays true to its hand-painted ethos. All prints are one-off, original designs, so you won’t find similar designs in the hands of competitors.

CocoBloom CocoBloom CocoBloom

Each design is showcased in two colour ways that work for all seasons, making the collections adaptable all year round.

Face to face appointments are available and are shown in colour groups to give customers a true print experience and to show how prints can work together in a collection. By doing this, CocoBloom aims to inspire its customer with new and exciting colour palettes.

CocoBloom CocoBloom

Exclusive Collection

CocoBloom will be showcasing its most current and up to date collections via the website as they are designed. Inspirational new colour palettes will be added on the home page each month which will take you through to the collection of prints for that theme.

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CocoBloom is focused on changing the textile design marketplace while moving with the current times. The studio is committed to mobilising the move online for studios and clients to optimise business efficiency, remove time barriers, and allow the industry to become truly global 24/7, 365 days a year. The model allows all studios on The Pattern Cloud to create their own branded commerce sites, enabling them to sell their whole collection to clients directly.

CocoBloom is permanently listening and updating ahead of time to ensure it remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering the best services available, for clients and studios.


UKFT’s British Textile Week is a digital showcase of the craftsmanship, imagination and innovation of the UK textile industry.