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EdNerat: Coats made by women, for women | UKFT member spotlight


UKFT Member EdNerat offers coats made by women, for women. Made entirely in the UK from UK-made and sourced fabrics, EdNerat’s coats become transformational tools that can “sculpt us, shape us or re-shape us”. Scroll down to read EdNerat’s UKFT member spotlight.


EdNerat is a British coat maker based in Wales, that offers coats made “by women, for women”. The family-owned business creates comfortable items designed to fit and flatter a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Its coat selection includes a variety of styles and four main silhouettes: the hourglass, the A-line, the column and the cocoon. Sourcing all of its fabrics in the UK, EdNerat works with leading British makers such as Linton Tweeds, AW Hainsworth, Fox Brothers and Stephen Walters.

Natasha de Terán at EdNerat, said:

With the exception of our silks, which are sourced and cut here – but not made here – all our textiles are woven in the United Kingdom – in Cumbria, Yorkshire, Somerset, Suffolk and beyond. Our labels are embroidered in London and the boxes which we ship our coats in are made in Woolwich. Our coats are measured, modelled and photographed in Wales; our carriers are made in the West Midlands, our seals and stamps in Essex and our sealing wax comes from Scotland.”

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EdNerat places emphasis on producing its coats in the UK, to help preserve and champion British craftsmanship and skills. Natasha said:

We have gone the extra mile to do everything we can do here in the UK, because we have fantastic mills and skills and we want to help preserve, sustain and showcase them. We know that we must use them now if current livelihoods are to survive and future generations are able to train with and succeed them. The cost of us not using them is bigger than we might imagine.

Our ambition is that our garments will last for years to come, and that our customers will treasure our pieces and keep coming back to us. As importantly, we hope that by producing and sourcing within the British Isles, we can help sustain skills, to showcase the fabulous fabrics that are made here and nourish the artistry that survives here.” 

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The family business has roots in British craftsmanship:

EdNerat was born from a single pair of hands fresh with the sense of touch, itching for practical purpose. It grew out of a passion for art and colour and a love for fabrics and folds, and it is made possible by many skilled hands and expert eyes; by considered cutting, careful crafting and delicate detailing. By true craftspeople, in the British Isles.” 

In addition to being practical, warm and elegant, EdNerat’s coats are true transformational tools. Natasha explained: 

“EdNerat makes coats, because warmth and pocketed practicality aside, coats are transformational: they can cover and clothe us; they can dramatically define us or demurely drape over us; they can sculpt us, shape us or re-shape us; they can dress us up or dress us down; they can embolden us or shelter us from the unwanted gaze. Coats because we can put them on and take them off at will – and because they remind us that the freedom to cover up is as important as our hard-won liberty to uncover.”


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“We joined because like UKFT we want to support and showcase the exceptional skills, craftsmanship and talent within UK fashion and textile manufacturing. We hope that the practical support UKFT provides will an also prove useful!” – EdNerat

EdNerat is a UKFT Member. Click on the link below to learn more about the UKFT membership: