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Ensell Taylor for British Textile Week


Ensell Taylor, creative surface design studio, is dedicated to serving and supplying both the fashion and interior industry with innovative, contemporary and resolved printed pattern solutions. The talented team of designers is encouraged to play to their creative strengths and develop personal approaches to image development, resulting in designs that are unique, generous, energetic and fluid.  The collection reflects both the passion and joy in the making and aims to surprise and delight.

Jean Ensell, Creative Director at Ensell Taylor, says: “Textile design provides the perfect vehicle for synergy between creative and cerebral energies; innovation meets accessible and resolved, rhythmical, repeating pattern design – it still feels like the ultimate challenge. 

Where/when serendipity and precision intersect is a wonderful and exciting moment as a designer and this is my personal approach.  At Ensell Taylor we embrace many varied creative handwritings, we love energy and passion in the making and delight in working with those who feel similarly about the profession.

It is with the greatest pleasure that we continue to surprise and delight our valued clients. We look forward to meeting with you all again soon!  In the meantime we would be happy to organize a virtual meeting or invite you to view our website: www.enselltaylor.com

Rachael Lawton is a Work Placement Student from BCU (Birmingham City University) at Ensell Taylor.

She says:“I love working for Ensell Taylor: being in the studio space, surrounded by creativity inspires me. There is so much fun you can have with textile design. Being inspired by the most mundane things is often where my inspiration comes from. I’m so happy to be a part of such exciting things to come.”

Laura Jones has just completed the BA (Hons) Printed Textile design course at BCU (Birmingham City University) and is now Market Manager at Ensell Taylor.

“From work placement to Marketing Manager/ Freelance Designer, stimulating to contribute to all areas of the business development. Having a sense of purpose and being appreciated has helped me stay focused in such turbulent times. I am looking forward to being a part of Ensell Taylor and being able to help showcase our exciting collection and talented designers.”


UKFT’s British Textile Week is a digital showcase of the craftsmanship, imagination and innovation of the UK textile industry.