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Envantage | How to Reduce Energy, Costs and Carbon Emissions


UKFT has understood the new set of challenges that many of its members are facing. From a pressure to reduce energy, costs and carbon emissions, to meeting compliance and new regulations, UK textile businesses need guidance to face these growing issues. This is why UKFT has launched a partnership with Envantage, a leading energy and low carbon consultation agency.

The low carbon and business energy experts from Envantage can help UKFT members optimise their energy usage, reduce their carbon emissions and meet regulatory obligations. Through the partnership programme, members can access regular energy market webinars, a monthly round-up of energy news, free consultations and an exclusive discount on Envantage’s fees.

How can Envantage support UKFT Members?

Envantage can help UKFT members:

  • Establish a strategic approach to carbon and energy reduction, by identifying specific changes that will help them reduce carbon and optimise their energy usage
  • Meet regulatory compliance while taking into account commercial goals
  • Reduce green taxation in their energy costs
  • Tailor a strategy to help them maximise potential savings


Monthly Newsletter

UKFT and Envantage have teamed up to help fashion and textile businesses address the challenges around carbon and energy. This monthly newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the energy market and will help you develop your energy and carbon strategies. To access the November Issue of this member-only resource, please email: paula.mcilwraith@ukft.org 

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