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Jack Jones Design for British Textile Week


Jack Jones Studio was set up in 1995 by Helen Pegge, who trained at the Royal college of Art in London. The studio designs prints for all areas of the womenswear market including juniors, contemporary, sleepwear and swimwear. The company sells its designs to a multitude of fashion brands and fabric manufacturers across the globe. Instinct is a very big part of the art direction process at Jack Jones Design, offering a trend-driven and highly commercial collection but still aiming to surprise and stimulate customers.

View Jack Jones Design’s new virtual fabric collection

Jack Jones

Jack Jones Design’s European market manager, Lily Rose Dambelli, had been searching for ways to reduce the studio’s environmental impact when the pandemic hit. She says: “The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all realise that together as an industry we must adapt to circumstances that have disrupted day-to-day business. At the same time, we must also use the opportunity for change that COVID-19 has presented us with to take responsibility for our impact on the environment and rethink the way we trade.

Jack Jones Design

“Typically, selling Jack Jones Design prints meant travelling around the globe to showcase a physical collection of samples, but with travel and lockdown restrictions in place this was no longer possible.

“As the studio anticipates working from home for the foreseeable future, most of their business model has transitioned to communicating virtually, whether that be art directing the design team, or project and sales correspondence with customers. However, until now this way of working hasn’t been as valuable to the customer as a physical appointment would be. Images can’t always express the dynamic qualities of the print, and for clients used to seeing printed samples in person the move to digital has been a challenge.

“With the encouragement and support of studio owner, Helen Pegge, Dambelli spent the first months of lockdown reaching out to companies working in digital fashion and textiles, finally coming across a company that was able to assist in showcasing their print collection to customers with the same ease as face-to-face appointments, but in a safe and sustainable manner.

“Jack Jones Design is very excited to be launching a new virtual print collection, an unprecedented way to present the studio’s newest designs without the need for travel, physical meetings and unnecessary sample printing. The new technology allows clients to experience the collection through interactive computer-generated video and images. Jack Jones believes their new software enables their collection to be presented in a way that is as close to the real thing as possible, but without the same carbon footprint or public health risk.”


UKFT’s British Textile Week is a digital showcase of the craftsmanship, imagination and innovation of the UK textile industry.