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UKFT Member Spotlight: Ysi Ysu


YSI YSU is a London-based designer brand specialising in high end womenswear with chic and feminine styles. The mission of YSI YSU is not only to build up a relationship between ‘I’ and ‘You’- the brand and the customers, but also to discover the possibilities that how customers might be involved in the designs- the functions and the styles.

YSI YSU was established in March 2018, but our story actually started a long time ago, back to when our designer Yuan Sun was studying MA Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University in 2007. Yuan developed her interest in combining function with construction of the garments. She graduated with Distinction and her collection Rolling was shown and awarded at International Hempel Fashion Award. In the following years of working in UK luxury fashion industry, Yuan gained invaluable experience. Gradually an idea came to her mind that to establish a brand to express her design concept, and it’s for the women who look for creative but wearable products with high quality.


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