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Noirgaze: sustainable luxury handbags at Tora Tora showroom in Paris June 2022


Noirgaze is a London-based fashion brand established in 2021 that is showing its latest collection of sustainable luxury handbags at the Tora Tora showroom in Paris from June 22-27. Born from a concept of femininity as a shining spark of light in the world, these are pieces designed to empower and enchant; graciously blending statement style with delicate sensitivity.

The Noirgaze aesthetic marries contemporary design sensibilities with vintage charm. Inspired by Mid-century architecture and Modernist symbolism, Noirgaze juxtaposes the past with the present. Sculptural, organic form and striking proportions are imagined in vibrant colours using modern craftsmanship to create innovative yet versatile designs. Each piece is handcrafted in a family-run factory from premium and sustainable Italian leather and suede. Noirgaze is not trend-led; instead collections are defined by their timeless appeal, embracing the beauty of longevity and a sustainable approach.

Noirgaze Tora Tora June 2022

After graduating from Central St Martins in 2013, Vingi Wong garnered experience at the likes of Christopher Kane, Jeremy Scott, Vera Wang and various design boutiques, before launching her debut label, Noirgaze.

Noirgaze Tora Tora June 2022

Sustainable innovations from Noirgaze

All Noirgaze pieces are crafted in Italy from sustainable leather that are EUREACH compliant and are entirely sourced from Gold, Silver and Bronze-rated tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). The brand’s manufacturers work daily to reduce environmental impact through energy efficiency, responsible water management and a strong reduction in the use of solvents.

The leathers used are by-product from meat industries that are 100% traceable to source.

Noirgaze said it has done rigorous research to discover eco-lining options to replace traditional suede lining in order to reduce any excessive waste. All its pieces are lined in vegan micro-fibre as well as recycled microfiber lining, sourced from a reputable Italian supplier.

Noirgaze is also offering a fully recycled leather product range which is produced from pre-consumer leather wastage. Its manufacturer recovers and recycles the materials and leathers used, giving them new life!

The Recycled leather is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, meaning the materials used in its pieces are verified to be containing 50% or more recycled fibres. It is made with 50% of waste leather from production, in which the fibres are combined with synthetic fibres and a fabric weave through the process of “water fusion”, compacting them into a single material.

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