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UKFT Rise – Get To Know POND


Meet Holly Archer Nicholls and Natalie Holt, founders of POND – a made-to-order jewellery brand which uses only recycled materials.


POND explores ways of re-imagining and extending the life of materials through jewellery that is playful and meaningful. Mid-century vintage glass beads and salvaged freshwater pearls are recrafted in ancient Roman inspired gold earrings. Puddle Rings and Puddle Pendants are formed from melted down gold and can incorporate customers’ own gold.

Lost or discarded jewellery such as a crushed locket are given an alternative narrative in solid recycled gold, the evidence of their demise now celebrated as part of their beauty. These talismanic objects tell stories of our relationship to our possessions and the respect we have for them.


Read Holly and Natalie’s feature with UKFT Rise below: