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Scottish bespoke tailoring qualification ready for delivery


A new Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) for bespoke cutting and tailoring, which aims to preserve the artisan skills required for the production of tailored garments, is now ready for delivery.

The SCQF level 6 allows learners to demonstrate competence in job-related skills in their particular area of work and expertise.

UKFT, together with Textiles Scotland (UKFT Scotland), has worked with the industry to develop a qualification which combines the heritage of tailoring training with key production skills and cutting practices.

Companies involved in the development include Johnstons of Elgin, Alex Begg, BeYonder, Deryck Walker, the Incorporation of Edinburgh Tailors, Savile Row Bespoke, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh College, Glasgow Clyde College and Heriot Watt University.

Most of the skills are carried out by hand in order to produce a garment that fits precisely to a customer’s requirements. Bespoke tailors and cutters have practical skills in bespoke garment manufacture and pattern construction.

This SVQ is based on the latest National Occupational Standards for Bespoke Cutting & Tailoring (compiled by employers) and is comprised of a mandatory Health and Safety unit supported by industry specific artisan hand craft skills and knowledge with a choice of specialising in either tailoring or cutting as a career path.

“The skills involved in bespoke tailoring cover a wide area of expertise that includes craft, technical, creative and design,” said UKFT skills and training manager John West.

“These skills are vital for the bespoke tailoring industry in Scotland and ultimately have to be employed with great precision, to high standards of excellence and within realistic time constraints. We are delighted that this means training centres in Scotland can now look to be accredited for delivery ready to meet demand from both industry and candidates alike.”

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