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Member Spotlight: Guilford Europe, Over 75 years of Textile Expertise


Meet UKFT member Guilford Textiles, a UK-based textile manufacturer with over 75 years of experience. Specialised in the automotive sector, they produce a wide range of technical textiles while striving to provide innovative and sustainable textile solutions. The Guilford Textiles team explained:

“Guildford Textiles has been knitting, weaving, dyeing, and finishing fabrics for over 75 years. Our state-of-the-art East Midlands-based operation has been chiefly involved in the automotive sector and is now maximising its synergies to appeal to a wider commodity base.”


Guilford Europe


Working from their Derbyshire factory, in the Midlands, they produce textiles guided by their customers’ needs. We have extensive expertise in all types of technical textiles, with the facilities and resources to deliver a product to our customers’ exact specifications,” said the Guilford Textiles team. They use specialised technology, including:

  • “Two, three and four bar Karl Mayer warp knitting machines from 20 to 32 gauge

  • Dobby and Jacquard weaving looms

  • Jet dye vessels

  • Double width stenters

  • Washing, brushing, napping and suede lines”


Guilford Textiles has nurtured its UK manufacturing heritage for 75 years:

“We have a heritage of excellence stretching back to the 1940s. It’s always been our policy to embrace new technologies, materials, and techniques to keep manufacturing within our shores.

As a local, UK-based operation, we’re proud to be enhancing our proven Great British manufacturing capabilities. Contracting our services means a reduction in your transportation carbon footprint if you are currently using suppliers outside the country. Equally, choosing us as a business partner means you will have a tighter control over your supply chain from a central UK location.”


guilford textiles

As a leading company within the automotive sector, Guilford Textiles also focuses on implementing sustainable solutions and innovative technologies:

“This company strives to provide innovative and sustainable solutions. We are the leading firm in the automotive sector offering fully recycled and recyclable products, and those technologies are equally applicable across different industries.”


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