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Textile Labelling: Get the Right to Use the Care Symbols


Did you know that UKFT is the UK licence holder for the care symbols trademark?

The Clevercare information helps consumers to take care of their clothes, while limiting the impact of aftercare on the environment. Textile care represents up to 40% of the environmental footprint of a textile product over its lifespan. A wide range of UK, European and US brands and retailers use the Clevercare symbol alongside the normal care symbols, to encourage consumers to care for fashion products the clever way.


The care symbols have been protected by trademarks in more than 80 countries for the better part of their 60 years of existence. The UK Fashion and Textile Association is the UK licence holder for the trademark. Through the UKFT membership, we can give members the right to use these symbols throughout the world as well as help to answer technical questions on almost any labelling topic. Not yet a member? Join UKFT to get the right to use the symbols.

As part of the International Textile Care Labelling Organisation, Ginetex, UKFT is participating in a European wide consumer research project. It aims to survey the attitude of people towards looking after their clothes and the importance of labelling information for consumers. This research undertaken by IPSOS in 2023 is the third study of its kind. Are you interested in learning more about the previous surveys? UKFT Members can contact info@ukft.org to access the results.

At a European level, the Commission has announced its intention to review the 2012 Regulations that cover fibre content labelling. As part of that review, it will also investigate the positive and negative impacts of making care labelling mandatory across the EU. With the EU still accounting for over 70% of the fashion and textile industry exports, UKFT continues to stay closely involved with EU legislation. We will keep our members informed of any new developments.

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By using the CleverCare logo on your labels and communicating the CleverCare message on your website, you can engage with consumers to become active partners in your sustainability strategy and become a Ginetex CleverCare Ambassador.

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