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UK cotton start-up looking for partners


A UK start-up growing cotton in Essex is looking to connect to various members of the supply chain wanting to challenge sustainable fibre and garment production.

hydroCotton is developing technology which reduces water and fertiliser volumes by up to 80%. The company has completed its first harvest growing without the use of insecticides by employing a range of biological pest control methods to ensure safe working conditions for farmers.

In addition to these resource savings, HydroCotton says it can double production per square metre, which leads to 40% savings in production costs (potentially more in developing countries).

The company is also prototyping novel ways to track and communicate farm production data. hydroCotton farms will automatically generate production data onsite before uploading this data into a blockchain, providing farmers with a streamlined service for verification of sustainable cotton production.

During 2020, hydroCotton will be scaling up farm trials at its Essex grow site and continuing research into maximising yields while minimising environmental and social impact.

In 2021, the firm plans to install a 2 hectare pilot farm (location TBD) capable of producing commercial volumes of cotton fibre.

This cotton fibre will be transformed first into textile and then into clothing to be sold by brand partners as a limited, sustainable cotton clothing line.

hydroCotton is led by a multidisciplinary team comprising ​designers, engineers and farmers​ with expertise in designing and implementing new solutions and technologies to address pressing social and environmental problems.

Edward Brial (CEO) ​
Edward Hill (CTO)
John Bertolaso (CDO) ​
John Cappalonga (Test farm manager) ​

The company is looking for partners from field to fashion house. For more information, contact ​info@hydrocotton.tech