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Untapped potential: The turning point for UK fashion and textiles


UKFT is embarking on a landmark research project to reveal the true value of the UK fashion and textile sector, to support the industry to establish and achieve its 10-year vision.

The report will outline both the direct and indirect value of the industry and the growth potential of the sector if issues with skills development, investment and innovation are dealt with in an effective way.

The long-term decline of the UK textile industry has left the sector fragmented and dispersed, with precious few large players that are needed to create the healthy ecosystem that provides training, skills, innovation and technological advances needed for growth. Co-ordination and collective action is needed to deliver pan-industry growth.

Data is the key to unlocking opportunities for the industry: to secure public and commercial funding, for advocacy, to convening the industry and partners, ensuring the right projects are supported at the right time and to secure the talent pipeline of the future.

UKFT’s experience of high-level government relations has underlined how problematic the lack of data for our industry has become, particularly over the last two years. Without this, it is extremely challenging to persuade government to affect change.


UKFT will be working with a variety of stakeholders and partners to develop the report but it will also require significant input from the industry.

We will be publishing a series of surveys and questionnaires over the coming months and we urge you to please find the time to complete the relevant ones to help us spearhead a change in the industry – a change that will facilitate long-term, sustainable growth.

UKFT Representation & Government Relations