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UKFT members feature in Yoox’s sustainable UK fashion digital pop-up


UKFT members Jo Gordon and Ninety Percent are part of a new digital pop-up gallery of sustainable UK fashion brands organised by the Department for International Trade in Italy in partnership with Yoox. The UK Fashion for a Sustainable Future Pop-Up Gallery will run from September 30 to December 31 on Yooxygen, the Yoox platform dedicated to sustainable products.

The eight sustainable British brands, which have been jointly selected by YOOX and Marina Iremonger, head of the creative, consumer and retail team of the Department for International Trade in Italy, are Jo Gordon, Ninety Percent (pictured above), Alighieri, Bottletop, Finisterre, The Jacksons, Toms, and Vivienne Westwood.

The brands featured are diverse in size, origin, and age of founders, but all are authentically committed to sustainability and targeting to the next generation of consumers.

The gallery is part of The Road to COP26 program of events taking place at U.K. House Villa Necchi Campiglio from September 29 to October 1 and is also included in the official All4Climate Italy 2021 programme promoted by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition. The initiative will demonstrate how an international luxury ecommerce platform and government can collaborate to reach a global audience of young consumers and create a positive impact on their buying behaviour. There is more information here.

The selection process is based on the UN sustainability criteria, also highlighted by the G20 resolution: innovation, design and manufacture to ensure product longevity, enabling repair, reuse and recycling, sustainable use of natural resources, minimizing waste and emissions, regenerating ecosystems, sustainable supply chains, and creation of sustainable and socially inclusive business models, in accordance with national priorities and policies.

Jill Morris, the British ambassador to Italy, said: “This initiative offers young fashion consumers examples of inclusive, sustainable, ethical labels: behind these products there are artisans and workers from a variety of countries who collaborate with British designers, demonstrating the value of UK as a platform for international collaboration.”

Manuela Strippoli, Yoox brand director, said, “We are happy to partner with the Department for International Trade on such an important occasion as the Pre-COP26. Yooxygen was the first online platform solely dedicated to responsible fashion, which has always been at the core of our corporate mission. We are on an important journey towards a deeper sustainability approach and we are happy to partner with a like-minded brand and institution.”

Jo Gordon and Ninety Percent are UKFT members. Interested in UKFT membership? Find out more here.