MADE IT has been developed in response to a widespread industry demand to improve the production and sourcing knowledge of our graduates and to illustrate the wealth of technical and creative roles available throughout the supply chain.

Government statistics show manufacturing employment in the UK is on the rise for first time in decades and investment is the highest it has been for many years. However, there is consistent evidence to demonstrate some significant skills gaps in and around manufacturing.

The UK fashion and textile industry needs new, highly skilled people on machines and in a variety of production roles. At the same time new candidates entering into design, development and production-related roles, and those setting up businesses, must have the crucial manufacturing and sourcing knowledge that is required for success.

“The UK has some of the best design graduates in the world and some of the most talented manufacturers – MADE IT brings them together. The project will help to ensure the success of the next generation in understanding the business of fashion, which is a fundamental part of UKFT’s purpose. This is critical whether you are developing a new brand, working with manufacturers or growing your business overseas.”
Nigel Lugg, Chairman, UKFT

MADE IT Programme Overview

UKFT is working with five universities a year for three years to deliver the programme:

  • MADE IT Production and Sourcing Masterclass
    The masterclass will be delivered to each participating university, by industry expert Daliah Hearn, with the aim of promoting the importance of production and sourcing within a rounded fashion education and to highlight the breadth of job opportunities across the supply chain.


  • MADE IT Production Internship
    One student from each participating university will also receive the opportunity of a two-month paid internship in UK production environments to provide real-life manufacturing and sourcing experience in the UK fashion and textile industry.


  • MADE IT Quality Internship materials
    At the conclusion of the programme, UKFT will work with students and employers to develop two sets of publicly-available resources that aim to raise the quality and expectations of internships across the UK fashion and textile industry.:


    • Quality Internship collateral for students with the aim of showing them what a quality internship should look like.
    • Quality Internship collateral for employers including frameworks for good quality delivery of an internship, example schemes of work and positive case studies.

2021/22 Programme

The 2021/22 Programme is currently underway. Watch this space for the latest updates…

Updates from 2021/22

2020/21 Programme

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, the first year of the three-year MADE IT programme was a real success. Scroll down to read more about what happened…

2020/21 MADE IT Production Internships

2020/21 MADE IT Masterclasses

2017/18 MADE IT Pilot

In 2017/18 we delivered the MADE IT programme to five universities across the UK

  • University of Leeds | Textiles design
  • Falmouth University | Sportswear Design
  • University of Salford | Fashion Design
  • University of Westminster | Fashion Design
  • Nottingham Trent University | Fashion Knitwear & Knitted Textiles

We worked with each to deliver a programme which included Production and Sourcing masterclasses, mentoring through the design and development process and supporting five students to have designs produced with UK manufacturers

Students were partnered with Discovery Knitting, Sour Grape, John Smedley and Stoll gb.

“Understanding this process not only helps the designer design a better garment that is both commercial and possible to manufacture efficiently, but it helps push the boundaries of traditional manufacturing too, bringing new ideas to the forefront and allowing greater development.”
Jess Mcguire-Dudley, Marketing & Design Director, John Smedley



“I don’t think you could have chosen a more perfect production team for me, so I thank you for that.”

Molly Mann, Falmouth University working with Discovery Knitting

“The MADE IT experience made me so much more aware of how the industry works and the information you need to know and deliver to come out with the product that you want. It makes you realise how every step of the process is extremely important and anything that is compromised affects the whole process and the end result.”
Natalie Slater, University of Salford working with Sour Grape


The most impactful elements of the programme were the Production and Sourcing Masterclasses, students being immersed in the production environment and the ‘live’ learning environment whilst going through the production process, step by step, in commercial conditions. With these in mind we are delighted that now, with the generous support of The Clothworkers’ Company and CapitB Trust, MADE IT will be delivered again over three years from Autumn 2020.